Big Digital LCD Screen Temperature Humidity meter Temperature Moisture Meter Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Portable Household

Магазин: Cafago
Артикул: E14231
1 002,69 руб
With big and digital screen, you can see the data you want more clearly.
Backlight: gently press the small bulb on the front side to turn on the backlight. It will go out automatically after 8 seconds.
Temperature switch: you can switch between ℃ and ℉ by gently pressing the front side of ℃/℉.
Temperature and humidity memory function: this product can record the highest and lowest temperature and humidity in the past 24 hours.
Comfort reminder function: less than 30% RH, △ moves to dry, 30%-60% RH, △ moves to comfort, higher than 60% RH, △ moves to wet.
With bracket, table to-p can be placed, with wall hanging hole, can be hung on the wall.

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