Electric Motorized Photography Turntable 360 Degree Rotatable Display with LED Light for Product Shooting Jewelry Watch Display

Магазин: Cafago
Артикул: D10690B-EU
3 005,72 руб
[360 Automatic Rotation] Can display different sides of objects automatically, no need of manual operation, convenient for shooting, improving working efficiency.
[LED Light] With one high-quality LED light on the middle, can light up the object placed on it, perfect for product shooting or display, like jewelry, watches, perfumes, etc.
[Low Noise] The rotation is very smooth and noiseless, almost can't be heard; the turntable is easy to operate, plug and play.
[Separate Control] The LED light and rotatation can be controlled independently, offering 3 modes for option: automatic rotation mode, LED light on mode, and automatic rotation with light on mode.
[Slip-Proof Pad Design] Made from premium plastic with exquisite workmanship, load bearing up to 15kg, also has slip-proof pads on the bottom, durable and stable to use.

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